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A retired soldier in East China"s Jiangxi province celebrated his 60th birthday by donating blood for free on Monday, reported

Kuang Xiaohua, who started donating blood for free in 2002, has donated it 137 times after finding out that blood donation has no adverse effect on health.

"Donating blood is a natural thing," said Kuang. "It"s because blood donation keeps me healthy that I feel more energetic and motivated to keep doing it."

Kuang retired from the army in 1979 and has kept the habit of having cold water bath in both summer and winter.

"Instead of feeling like a blood donation addict, I like to be called life-saving addict," said Kuang. He said donating blood was the best last gift on his 60th birthday. As he is 60, he will not be allowed to donate blood anymore.

"I wish our country would extend the age range for blood donation," said Kuang. "A man as fit as I am can sure donate blood for three or five more years."

According to law, blood can be donated for free. The government encourages healthy citizens between 18 and 55 to donate blood voluntarily.

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